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Excited Children in Science Class


Designed by medical students to provide elementary-aged children the health education they need while in an online classroom.

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We are the Pediatrics Club at Rocky Vista University School of Osteopathic Medicine and have partnered with the Denver Osteopathic Foundation to provide Food, Fun, Fitness in preschools across the Denver area. This is an interactive program that introduces young students to the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Food, Fun, Fitness involves medical students, pre-school students, and preschool teachers as partners in education.  

As many schools remain online or limited in their capacity to have in-person programming while we endure the impacts of COVID-19, we recognized the need to move the service of Food, Fun, Fitness to an online format. 

The videos, activities, and resources found on this webpage can be used not only by teachers to provide programming to their students, but also for parents eager to engage with their children on topics surrounding wellbeing. We hope that you and your children enjoy! 

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In this video, we explore foods that match the different colors of the rainbow. Watch and play along as we go through all the colors and provide examples of each!


Go to pages 5-11 in the workbook to practice matching colors and food. Click the button below to download the workbook.

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Watch this video to learn about handwashing in order to get rid of germs! We will also practice singing the handwashing song!


For more instructions and practice, go to workbook pages 12-21

Home: Germs


The healthy snacks video discusses the importance of eating healthy snacks, how they can fuel our bodies, and what some good options for snacks are. In the video, we also play a short game where we talk about what food group different snacks are in, and whether the snack presented is healthy or unhealthy (pages 5-11 in the workbook). 

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In this video, we learn all about exercising and how important it is to play outside! We even have a fun game of Simon Says! 

Continue the fun in your workbook on pages 29-31 for a coloring activity and to learn more about exercising. 


In this video, we will learn the proper way to brush your teeth. Get your toothbrush and smiles ready!


Go to pages 25-27 in the workbook for some fun tooth brushing practice.

Home: Teeth Brushing


In this video, we talk about all the different organs in our body that help us play, eat, and think. We even have a dance move for you to learn for each organ we talk about.


Watch this video to learn the organ dance and then go to the workbook on pages 33-35 to practice putting the organs where they belong! 

Home: Organ Systems


In these videos, Christian talks about how important helmets are to keep our brains safe! Watch the second video for a fun science experiment demonstrating how cool helmets are! 

When you're finished, go to pages 23-24 of the workbook for more helmet fun!

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